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Welcome To the home of Gabion Baskets GABIONS AND RIVER MATTRESSES Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a large flat or sloped area needing protection against soil loss or scour. READ MORE RETAINING WALLS Retaining walls are extremely popular for holding back unstable embankments. READ MORE WELDED MESH Fully made up Gabion baskets or mesh rolls/panels are offered for more flexible use on building or civil engineering construction sites. READ MORE HEXAGONAL WOVEN MESH Hexagonal woven mesh is the perfect product for rockfall netting and to cover large areas of river mattresses quickly. The mesh is of high strength and made of durable material. READ MORE GABION BARRIER These units are suitable for filling with earth, sand, gravel, crushed rock and other granular materials. READ MORE GABION SITE TRAINING Gabion Baskets offer practical training to personnel on site to help local, possibly unskilled communities participate in infrastructure development projects, even when experienced construction skills are not available nearby. READ MORE Gabion Planter Boxes We offer a custom designed, suited to feature aesthetically pleasing Gabion Planter Box which is sure to turn heads and get lots of queries. READ MORE ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS We offer solutions and expert advice on the installation of baskets for freestanding Gabion walls and Gabion wall cladding applications within the Architectural, domestic market. READ MORE GABION ROCKS Quality gabion baskets require quality rock infill, we can offer suitable rock supply. We also offer expert advice regarding the best rock specifications for your particular requirements. READ MORE GEOTEXTILES Protect the integrity of your gabion basket installation with high quality non-woven or woven geotextiles behind and below the structures against the soil. READ MORE THE GARDEN GABION The small Gabion can be filled with glass bottles, rock, timber logs, building rubble, roof tiles or whatever you have available or would like to decorate the basket with READ MORE GAB-BLOC SYSTEM We are re-introducing the mini gabion, referred to as a wire mesh Gab-Bloc. This is a mini gabion to reduce the amount of infill or rock required for smaller walls. READ MORE GAB – TAIL SYSTEM The Gab – Tail is a reinforced soil system, with gabion units facing, together with an extended hexagonal woven mesh tail, which extends back into the soil READ MORE BIODEGRADABLE SOIL BLANKETS Promote vegetation growth combined with your gabion structure, and help retain the important top soil with our bio-degradable soil blankets and Coir logs. READ MORE Impermeable Liners Impermeable liners are used for gabion walls needing to be impervious to water, or slow down the movement of water flow through the structure. READ MORE GABION TOOL SETS These tools have been specifically chosen to ensure the shortest possible installation time and also ensure that the quality of the installation is of the highest standard. READ MORE AUTOCAD DESIGN DRAWINGS We have a list of some of our standard AutoCad drawings which are available to you should you require them. Feel free to request these from us. READ MORE

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Not only can you get loads of information off our website, but you can download our 2021 Brochure here or view our YouTube channel for information on installations.

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Gabions and River Mattresses

Manufactured and supplied in Southern Africa with related products and service offerings, based in Johannesburg, we are Proudly South African. We specialize in the manufacture, distribution, design and the installation of our products used in the Civil Engineering, Construction, Architectural, Landscaping and Mining Industries. Gabions are used widely, throughout the world in a wide variety of retaining wall and river erosion control structures to reduce water flow velocities in streams and waterways to prevent soil erosion by encouraging deposition of fine soil sediments and the subsequent growth of indigenous vegetation. These products have been available internationally for in excess of the past 140 years.

Gabion technology has evolved over time to the point where it is now. In South Africa the product become available widely since about 1957, and since then has  spread throughout Africa as a useful tool to solve soil erosion and retention problems. Having now also been widely used in the architectural and landscaping industries. Gabions are simple to install and provide for many labor intensive job opportunities on the sites where the works are undertaken.

River Wall – Tygervalley

These photos were taken in Cape Town showing an installation by Mr Wilfred Krohn, from Gabion Construction – showing long Tunnel Gabions.

Gabion River Wall with River Mattress

River Wall Closeup