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Our Story


Gabion Baskets are celebrating 16 years in business today.  

Starting from humble beginnings in 2006, we have grown through many milestones in our sixteen years of operation.    

  • 30 Years specializing on the manufacture of gabion products used in the civil engineering and mining industries for the erection of retaining walls and river structures to reduce water flows and prevent soil erosion.
  • 30 years of offering full turnkey solutions to our customers including civil engineering design of structures with AutoCAD drawing and bill of quantities.
  • 30 years of service to the industry through our on-site technical training we offer.
  • 30 years of being committed to providing information on installations and projects particularly to first time installers.
  • 30 years of offering our customers correct and useful information where specifications and designs are needed as well as rock and labour requirements.
  • 30 years of on-site practical assistance to ensure contractors are at ease with their gabion installations.
  • 30 years of expanding our business not only throughout South African, but across Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We don’t stop at our neighbouring countries but offer our services to the islands of Comores, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles too.
  • 30 years of sourcing the best natural environment solutions through sourcing locally available construction materials to blend in with the soils and vegetation.
  • 30 years of teamwork filled with passion about the service we provide.

We look forward to hearing from you, regarding any needs you have relating to our range products and services that we offer.  

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Our reach

National capacity

Our presence can be found in over 7 countries in Africa and 7 provinces in South Africa. No matter where you are, we can assist!

experience to be trusted

Our Accomplishments

Projects Finished
Project Managers
Satisfied Clients

worldwide reach

Our Work Process

Gabion Baskets is not limited as we have expanded our wings and our team works tirelessly to deliver nothing but exceptional service to YOU!


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Our Values and Our People

We are passionate about uplifting people.

We are innovative about saving the planet.

We are intentional about progress through change.

To be of greater service to our customers by extending comprehensive technical and design support.

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Do you do installations or supply only?
We can indeed offer specialist experienced installers, or supply an experienced trainer to site.
Do you offer technical training on your product and design application support?
We offer full technical product knowledge and PowerPoint technical training and presentations.
Do you visit site and offer advice?
We certainly can visit site, for which we charge a small fee to cover expenses for the site visit, full design (if required) and quotation.
Do you offer site practical support / training?
We visit sites we needed, for friendly advice and also offer full site practical training for our products.
Do you deliver products to sites with rock?
We can supply our range of products, including the whole range, with rock supplied separately to site, to make your buying process easier.
Do you have information on the correct applications and installation guidance for your products?
We have a few options for getting the knowledge to install our materials, having a YouTube website channel, called Gabionbaskets, where we show installation videos and animations as well as printed A4 sheets showing the correct installation process. For applications we show some on our website, kindly contact us for more information in this regard.

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