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This is Why Our KZN Branch's Male Staff Wore Dresses to Work

In a heartwarming gesture to celebrate the presence of our colleague, Sarah De La Fontaine, who is currently on maternity leave, the Gabion Baskets KZN branch embarked on a unique ...mission. Led by our KZN Branch Manager, Michael Thom, our team swapped their work attire for dresses to express how much they missed her vibrant spirit and the unique touch she brings to the workplace. This initiative not only honors Sarah but also supports the Robin Hood Foundation during the #16DaysOfActivism.

🎗️ Discover the mission of the Robin Hood Foundation:
🤝 We challenge other businesses and individuals to get involved and make a difference during these 16 Days of Activism. Together, we can create positive change!

Join us in spreading the message of unity, camaraderie, and support during this special time of year. Like, share, and let's make an impact together! #GabionBaskets #RobinHoodFoundation #CommunitySupport #16DaysOfActivism
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