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Use small gabions as steps and also to prevent soil erosion in hiking trails.

Shown below are some nice examples of small gabions used across the trail pathway at Giants Castle, on a recent trip done there.

These gabions are made using a small 50 x 50mm aperture mesh, with a wire diameter of 3.15mm.

The basket is made up to a size of 200 x 200 x 1000mm in our factory and assembled on site, using the Binding wire supplied and a stone of size 60 – 150mm.

This basket is placed at a right angle to the trail pathway and is normally placed behind (uphill) the wooden pole to provide further or added erosion support and stability to the wooden pole.

We recommend placing the gabion to a depth of say 100mm, so the top us proud of the soil with a geotextile on the uphill slope facing to prevent the fine soils from being washed away. In this case, the gabion step was 1m wide or long and placed at 6m intervals.

Providing a step for walkers and reducing path erosion over time. Please view the photos below.

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