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Baskets being laced together – 14 Oct 2011


It is continuing as before with rock being supplied in greater amounts now, there was a time when the rock was a little oversized, as a maximum 250mm size is allowed, this has now been corrected.

The baskets are currently being laced together along all edges and braced at 330mm heights during the rock infill progress. The front facings of the gabions are kept under tension(horizontally and vertically) during rock infill to provide a rigid(and flat) face to place the rock against and keep the structure well aligned and absolutely flat and vertical. We also provided the gabion tools to make the work a little easier on site having the correct tools, our gabion trainer is still on site providing the project management as well. We seem to have made a noise in the area now and two further inquires have been received from other customers along the Orange river also experiencing similar problems. All rock infill is done by manual labor and many jobs have been provided for locals during the works, all of which now have a new work skill and will be provided with a gabion erection certificate after satisfactory completion of the project. This can then be used to provide them with further work opportunities on other civil works after this project is complete.

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