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Erosion Control Blankets

Woodchip Blankets keep the soil moist and in place on the slope during the initial plant growing cycle.

Why you need Erosion Control Blankets…

  •  Prevent soil erosion on steep soil slopes.
  •  Keep the soil moist and stable during the initial growth phase.
  •  Stops unsightly erosion gullies on steep slopes.
  •  Easy and quick to install.
  •  Extra support for small seedlings, keeping them moist.
  •  Can be hyroseeded with local vegetation.
  •  Environmentally friendly.
  •  Economical to install.

These blankets promote vegetation growth when combined with your gabion structure, and help retain the important topsoil for vegetation growth. This range of products is of utmost importance in protecting the earth against soil erosion.

Their purpose is to keep the soil moist and cool during the initial growing phase of young plants and seedlings, encouraging vegetation growth before the soil is moved or transported away in heavy rains. Both the woven and non-woven blankets are eco-friendly and degrade into the soil over time, providing nitrogen into the soil during the initial growth phase.

We offer rolls of biodegradable soil blankets for installation in areas where soil erosion is a pressing problem on steep slopes or newly constructed fills. These blankets can be made of hessian, jute, coconut fiber and synthetic materials for a slightly longer lifespan. Ranging from a life span of about 6 months to 3 years for the synthetic blankets.

These products are laid over and pegged into the soil on steep slopes and promote water and fine soil particle retention and the subsequent support of plant root growth.

We are now supplying a locally produced product called the Woodchip Blanket, as we cannot source Coir Blanket they are imported products.

Specification Sheet

Technical Documents

Erosion Control Blanket Features

  •  Natural and eco-friendly
  •  Bio-Degradable
  •  Longer Life and Durable
  •  Insect and Termite Resistance
  •  Low Maintenance
  •  Easy Installation
  •  Economical
  •  Moisture/Soil Particle Retention

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    What can Erosion Control Blankets be used for?

    •  Lay on a steep slope to prevent soil erosion. 
    • Use inside the gabion when with a rock and soil mix. 
    • Cover mattresses with the blankets when filled with a rock and soil mix.
    • Lay on newly constructed road embankments to prevent soil filling the road drains.

    See Erosion Control Blankets in Action

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