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Flashback: Gabion Baskets Extends Legacy at Apartheid Museum

The Apartheid Museum stands as a poignant reminder of South Africa’s past. In 2016, Gabion Baskets played a significant role in enhancing this iconic landmark by extending the existing gabion walls. This blog post delves into the history of the museum, the significance of gabions in the design, and how Gabion Baskets’ contribution further enriched this important cultural institution.

Elegant Strength: Small Gabion Wall Transforms Mount Edgecombe Residence

Discover the transformative power of gabion walls in our latest project in Mount Edgecombe, KwaZulu-Natal. Our Branch Manager, Michael Thom, guides us through the creation of a small yet impactful gabion wall, crafted with 50x50x4mm welded mesh, enhancing the aesthetic charm of a private residence. Set against the exclusive, picturesque backdrop of Mount Edgecombe, this project exemplifies how tailored design meets functionality.

Revitalizing Azra – City Deep

In an impressive display of engineering and environmental stewardship, Gabion Baskets has successfully completed a three-phase project at Silverstar Casino, marking a significant achievement in the company’s portfolio.