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Bio-Degradable Blankets and Coco Logs 23 April

Gabion Baskets offers the opportunity to enhance the knowledge of bio-degradable soil blanket materials in Southern Africa. This is relatively new technology and has vast opportunities for growth locally as our soils have become badly eroded due to past farming practices, large scale mining and development projects over the years.

We have decided to set up a knowledge centre for the broadcast of detailed information to make the future use of these materials easy, and also to supply good quality materials that will last a sufficient period of time so as to allow for the growth of plants and vegetative cover, thus resulting in reduced soil loss and encouraged and enhanced plant cover in a short time period. This needs to last long enough to support the plants during the initial growth cycle or all the expense of the chosen solution will be lost. In many cases this has occurred in the past.

Gabions and mattresses may also be combined with these blanket materials using live vegetative stakes to enhance plant growth cover over and through the baskets, the international term referred to this process is Bioengineering.

Please contact us for further news. We have created a link to a company in Canada who already uses this technology in all their solutions. Go to the link – Terra Erosion.