First Gabion Rock Supplied to site – 23 September 2011

The rock used in gabion installations is 100-250mm size un-weathered, with a minimum density of 2.6tons/m3, gabion void ratio of 65% solids, 35% voids, thus with a bulk gabion density of 1.6tons per m3. Unselected rock normally has about 30% waste or undersized material, thus please allow for 2tons of rock per m3. The rock is neatly packed into the basket by hand to achieve a neat front face appearance. Angular blasted rock is best due to the interlock strength, rounded rock can be used but does not give the same compressive strength as blasted rock, and is much more difficult to achieve a neat looking facing. Environmentally it does not make good sense to remove rock from the area as it effects local animal habitats and can enhance erosion in streams.

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