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Gab-Tail Gabion

This is a Gabion basket with a mesh tail extended horizontally back into the back-fill embankment.

Why you need Gab-Tail Gabion…

  •  To reduce the time to build a fill embankment structure.
  •  To reduce the volume of rock required to fill a gabion mass gravity wall.
  •  In a fill situation where you need a retaining wall erected.
  •  Build the wall quickly and save on the overall structure cost.

The Gab-tail is a reinforced soil system, with gabion unit facing, together with an extended hexagonal woven mesh tail, which extends back into the soil. Generally when your gabion structure is higher than 4 meters, and built in a fill(backfill) situation, the reinforced Gabion soil system becomes more economical and faster to install. The external gabion baskets facing provide the front internal stability to the overall structure. The mesh tails improve the lateral shear resistance (Tensile strength of the soil) providing improved overall stability improvement of the structure. A selected backfill is required meeting the requirements of at least a G6 or G7 backfill gravel, with no aggregate greater than 100-150mm that may damage the mesh. Normally this material is compacted in layers of not more than 150mm, normally to 95% ModAashto. Please contact us for any further information you require in this regard. Typical sectional and isometric drawings are shown below to assist with your understanding.

Typical Gab-Tail Gabion

Mesh Specification

Typical Detail

Gab-Tail Gabion Features

  • Gabion basket supplied with ready made tail reinforcement.
  • Mesh used is high strength in 2.70mm wire diameter.
  • Supplied in Gavlanised or with PVC coating hexagonal mesh.
  • Requires a high quality selected backfill soil for compaction at 93% – 95% ModAashto.

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    Gab-Tail Gabion uses ?

    • Mining Tip Walls.
    • Used for larger walls over 4 metre height, to save on the rock and installation costs.
    • Walls needing to be built in a fill situation.
    • Walls where these is a lack of suitable rock supply. 

    Gab-Tail Gabion in Action 

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