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January Newsletter 2015


Wovenmesh and Weldedmesh Gabion Applications and Supply

Well the holidays are now finished and it’s a back to work we go, we hope you had a great break and are looking forward to an exciting 2015. With all the events happening in Europe and the United States and Africa at present it looks to be an interesting year full of news.

The time is certainly moving quickly now and we want to take the time to update you on our products and services which consist of the following aspects:

Our Products:

Gabions and River Mattresses

Class A Galvanised Baskets or together with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating Wovenmesh Gabions and River Mattresses are available. The wovenmesh is currently supplied in either a 80x100mm hexagonal mesh aperture for Gabions, or a 60x80mm aperture size for River Mattresses. More info is available on our website.

Class A Galvanised Weldmesh Gabions are currently supplied with a 50×100 or 50 x 50mm square aperture, with a wire diameter of 3.15mm. We do not recommend the use of weldmesh baskets for River Mattresses, as we need the enhanced flexibility of wovenmesh baskets for that purpose, to cater with bad or poor soils requiring a flexible structure. More information is available on our website.


Normally where gabions are required you would need a geotextile to prevent loss of fine soils through the Gabion structure, we recommend using a minimum grade of 200grams per m2 for Gabions going up to 400grams per m2 for use with a rocky backfill that might damage the geotextile layer when in place.

We suggest overlaps of minimum 300mm, or the blanket stitch or joining using a hot blowtorch, so that fine soils do not leach at the join. Bearing in mind that Gabions baskets have a void ration of 35% voids and 65% rock, so they do not prevent the free passage of water flows like concrete walls. More information is available on our website.

We also supply the following products

Garden Gabion – for home or site use where you need a small gabion and fill with soil
Sausage Gabion – Flexible small roll used in bad founding conditions in rivers
Gab – Tail System – Reinforced soil system
Biodegradable soil blankets – slope soil erosion prevention
Gabion Rock – for Gabion Baskets
Gabion Tool Sets – for site installation of Gabions
Impermeable Liners – For permeability of Gabion structures
For any further information on the other products please visit our website.

Our Services

More information on this is available on our website.

  • Consultation
  • Practical Site Training
  • Technical Presentations
  • Gabion Structure Design
  • Complete Installation
  • Technical Designs Drawings
  • Photo Album
  • Gabion Models
  • Animated Installation Guidance
  • Installation Videos

Technical Structure Design

We can undertake structural design and complete price estimates for your projects, as shown below.

Autocad Drawings, and 3D Modeling Illustrations

Modeling done by Clinton Cheyne at or 083-9885154.

Hermanus Boundary Gabion Wall – (Under construction) Springfontein Wine Farm.

Our new Cape Town office is open and we also do installations from there. Cape Town Office contact details
Some photo’s of this interesting Gabion boundary wall are shown below.  The installation was done by Mr Carl Gouws, our CT Branch Manager – 082–8203883.
The Gabion wall constructed on this wine farm is 3km outside the historical town of Stanford and east of the Hermanus lagoon near Walker bay. The purpose of the wall is to shelter the historic cottages from traffic noise as Gabions are excellent sound absorbers unlike concrete or brick that just reflect sound. The structure adds to the authentic look and history of the farm by making use of local sandstone from the area to pack the Gabions. The wall is 2.0m height and 100m long.
Gabion baskets consisting of Class A Galvanised woven mesh with a 80x100mm hexagonal aperture with size of 2 x 0.5 x0.5 (length x width x height)gabions in metres, were used for this purpose, providing for a wall 500mm wide. The baskets have diaphrams every 1m centre for spacing and support, and lacing of mesh panels together and baskets to basket connection is achieved using the included Class A Galvanised 2.20mm low tensile wire.
Normally production is achieved at 1man per m3 per day, and 1.6tons of rock per m3, with a recommended size of 100-250mm normal size required, sandtone can be used in dry wall baskets, however do not use porous rock in river applications due to their ability to then absorb water and dissolve.
Thanks for your interest in our news, kindly check out our website and like our Facebook page along with other links below for more information about us.