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Gabion Baskets newsletter | February 2022 | Secunda Gabion River Protection

Month one is already done for 2022 and our Gabion Baskets team are working full swing getting orders prepared and ready for dispatch. We are looking forward to great things this coming year and anticipate building on relationships with our customers that are already established.

Looking at the many applications that Gabion Baskets can be used for:


This gabion island creates a distinctive feature for a property development in Secunda.

The gabions for the island and the retaining wall in the background were supplied by Gabion Baskets.

An example of a completed weir with wetland vegetation now well established.

A welded mesh retaining wall constructed within Sandton’s central business district..

The two pictures below show a combination of an exterior wall and retaining wall for a customer in Cape Town. The wall built by Gabion Baskets compliments the surrounding landscape and adds an increased aesthetic appeal and added value to the property.

New products, new vehicles, new Cape Town facilities, we at Gabion Baskets are ready to roll the orders out the door to meet client deliverables.