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Gabion Baskets newsletter | January 2023

It’s a New Year and a Great Start

Welcome to 2023 a new year with fresh beginnings. Gabion Baskets is excited about the year ahead and will continue to build on our current product offer to ensure we are always at the forefront of the industry offering you, our client the best possible solution for your gabion basket requirements. We are going into our seventeenth year of operation and are extremely proud of the growth of the business.

Steep Slope Limits for Mattresses

2022 brought with it much carnage in the form of flooding in the Kwazulu Natal regions which saw Gabion Baskets doing our best to meet our obligations to clients and ensure that we get homes back to a safe environment for families. That being said, we thought we would touch a bit on the limits of mattresses on steep slopes :

When gabion mattresses are installed for hillside erosion and storm water control, a key question posed by designers is the limitation presented by sharper gradients. Mattresses can be laid on slopes of 33 to 45 degrees. At higher gradients than this, the design alternative includes concrete retaining block walls. When designers push the limits above 45 degrees, there’s a risk of the entire gabion mattress losing its ground-contact adhesion and slipping down the slope, with ultimate loss of the structure. Slope slippage can be caused by slippery or hard materials that lower the grip. However, at working gradient tolerances, mattresses can be anchored to prevent this.

When it comes to installation, specialised training is a given, especially when preventing potential plier-related damage to PVC-coated mesh, which is an essential added feature for corrosive conditions, in conjunction with an underlying Galfan zincaluminium-treated wire.

Here, a classic wing wall gabion and mattress combination provides a highly effective erosion control structure on a steep-sloping koppie in Johannesburg: 75 mm x 100 mm aperture welded mesh was used to maximise the aesthetic effect, while geotextiles are being installed as a standard procedure to prevent soil loss.

Get hold of your Gabion Baskets specialist who will correctly advise you on the right mattress combination to ensure a lasting and safe structure is installed.


Not only is our new website up and running, but we have a dedicated website for both KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape, which means that projects and case studies relative to these areas will be uploaded for client review and information.

For Kwazulu Natal :
For Western Cape :

And where you’ll find everything you need to know about gabion baskets, our company, products and services


Our 2023 team are on hand, at the end of the phone and ready to assist you in making sure you have a professional solution to your requirements, whether it be soil erosion, or a new fire pit. You can contact anyone of our sales and technical representatives in the regions below for more information on our full product range, supply, installation, and training.