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Gabion Baskets newsletter | March 2022 | Wood Chip Blankets

Gabion Baskets are excited to announce that we have our own locally produced biodegradable wood chip blanket. The woodchip blanket is used to combat soil erosion on exposed slopes, it stimulates vegetative growth while protecting topsoil and germinating seeds from the elements.

Roll size is 50×2,45 m or 125m2 per roll. Used on steep slopes to keep moisture in and stop erosion in steel newly constructed slopes and mine rehabilitation. The lifespan is about one year when laid.

A visual tour of the destruction of the recent flooding at sites where Gabion Baskets have visited to offer advise and urgent rectification estimates

Gabion Barriers – an exciting addition to our range of products


Gabion Barriers come as a flat packed unit and can be assembled faster with minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material.

A 10m long wall will take two people and one front-loading machine only 20 minutes to construct. Using sandbags, the same wall will take eight people eight hours to build and needs three time as much fill material.
Units are unfolded and positioned, pinned together and filled with local materials like sand or earth. Because the units are pinned together, they can create limitless defensive structures anywhere, anytime.

Gabion Barriers can be constructed quickly and easily to construct flood defenses without the need for specialized tradesmen or equipment.
When the units are joined and filled, their cellular structure and mesh framework create walls of exceptional strength and structural integrity, capable of halting fast moving, debris-filled flood waters.

You can contact anyone of our sales and technical representatives in the regions below for more information on both the woodchip biodegradable blanket and the Gabion Barriers.