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Gabion Rock Supply

We supply non weathered rock for gabion and rip rap protection and feature structures, many colors are available, size 100-250mm.

Why you need our Gabion Rock Supply…

  • We supply the correct rock for gabions in terms of density and shape.
  • We have accounts with many different suppliers, and offer good quality rock and fast delivery to site.
  • We know whats required in terms of quality and volume to make your life easier.
  • Why waste your time, let us take the hassle away of finding a reliable rock source and supplier.
  • Gabion , rock and geotextiles are required to build great looking gabion structures, we thus supply all thats required.
  • Due to our purchasing power and good relations with the rock supply quarries we get the best price and quality available, which we pass onto you.

Quality Gabion Baskets require quality rock infill. We can offer suitable rock supply depending on the site for Gabion installation, often the rock supplier does not have rock stockpiled and we do try to provide the necessary information for obtaining the material. We also offer expert advice regarding the best rock specifications for your particular requirement.

The rock we recommend must be un – weathered and solid without flaking or weathering evident. The correct size to be used must be 100 – 250 mm size for gabions (for 0.5 or 1 m high baskets). With river mattresses the rock size is 60 mm – 2/3 the mattress thickness so that at least two layers of rock can be used in the mattress layer thickness, this is dependent on the mesh opening size and for the 80 x 100 mm mesh the minimum rock size is 80 mm. Small rock fragments must not be used on the surface of either gabions or mattresses in river course situations as the fine material will be removed in high water flows. Always check that the rock size is bigger than the hexagonal mesh opening, within the centre of a gabion basket smaller rock may be used and limited to the centre of the gabion only.

Soft rocks and brick fragments are not suitable due to its capacity to absorb water and soften over time, flat rock is usually not adequate as it does not provide for the same mechanical interlock in the gabion provided by blasted angular rock, rounded river rock is ok, however is does harm the environment after removal and it is more difficult to obtain a flat gabion facing.

Usually the rock density should be a minimum of 2.6 tons/m3, with an average void ratio of 35% (also allowing 30 % for waste/fines) we generally recommend about 2 tons of rock per m3. The rock should be placed as close to the packing position when offloaded from the truck to reduce double handling on sites, this sometimes becomes necessary and can delay the packing of the baskets. In our experience we have found that labor can pack 1 – 3 m3 of Gabion per man per day, to be conservative we generally allow for 1 man / m3 / day. The rock and labor prices normally amount to approximately 33% each of the final completed gabion cost, the other 33% is made up from the Galvanised basket cost, with PVC coated baskets, we add about 15% to the overall cost of an installed basket.

Kindly contact us for any further information, advice or rock supply you may require.

Gabion Rock Supply Features

  • Quick supply.
  • Great quality.
  • Using us saves you time and money.
  • Rock color options.
  • Correct size with little over sized and under sized material.
  • Peace of mind trusting someone who knows the gabion rock supply requirements. 

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    What can our Gabion Rock Supply be used for?

    • Gabion and River Mattress structures.
    •  Loose rock in river streams, called rip rap.
    • Delivery of large loads and very small ones, quarries only deliver minimal 10m3 loads.
    • Rock supply for gabion features and rockeries.
    • Sandstone type rock also supplied for architectural works and cladding.
    • Quarry rock for gabion installations as well as sandstone or ornamental rock for special gabion feature walls and structures.

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