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Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses

Manufactured in South Africa, offering Class A Galvanised or with Grey PVC coating Hexagonal woven mesh baskets and mattresses, Square Weldmesh baskets are also available.

Why you need Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses…

  • Gabions are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles.
  • Gabions and geotextiles are normally used together to reduce water velocities and to re-capture river bed sediment in streams.
  • Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses, are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a large flat or sloped area in need of protection against soil loss or scour.
  • They are used mostly in the civil engineering industry, especially in the construction of roadway drainage structures.
  • Due to the many environmental benefits associated with gabions, they are being used in many various applications and industries.
  • We manufacture Gabions using a Class A Galvanising – or together with an additional 0.5mm thickness PVC coating – for hexagonal type woven wire mesh gabion materials.
  • The woven mesh has a high tensile strength, as well as a high compressive strength when filled with suitable un-weathered rock.
  • Our materials are quality assured, meet with the SANS 1580 specification and are used in a very wide range of applications.
  • We also offer Class A Galvanised Square Weldmesh gabions, and have a separate page for this type of gabion. 
  • We now offer Gabions and River Mattresses using a new Galfan wire coating, which is a new improved form of Galvanisation, including 95% Zinc coating alloy with 5% Aluminium, it has vastly improved corrosion protection properties; providing 2-3 times more corrosion protection than normal Galvanising !
  • Internationally, gabion materials have been commonly used since the early 1880’s all over the world and have become one of the most popular soil erosion control and retaining wall solutions. Some have tried to use more rigid, welded-mesh elements and sometimes even plastic materials for gabion materials. However time and again the high strength and flexibility of the honeycomb shaped (hexagonal) steel wire mesh has proven to provide the ultimate solution.
  • Gabions are supplied in a wide range of sizes, commonly measured firstly in length x width x height of basket (all measurements in metres). Standard sized baskets are available, listed on our website, other sizes can sometimes be made available depending on the quantity required (it should be noted that the latter requires a longer period of time to be manufactured than standard sized units).

What’s the difference between Gabions and River/Reno Mattresses

Gabion Baskets

Manufactured using Hexagonal Woven or Square Weldmesh type 

  • Hexagonal Wovenmesh 
    Class A Galvanized or with an additional 0,5mm thickness Grey PVC coating, mesh aperture of 80 x 100mm, and mesh wire diameter of 2.7mm, salvage wire dia. of 3.4mm.
  • Square Weldmesh
    Class A Galvanised, with mesh aperture of 50 x 50mm (others on request), mesh wire diameter of 3.00mm in all cases
  • Standard Sizes 
    Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) = Volume (m³)

    1x1x0.5(0.5m³) 1x1x1 (1m³)
    2x1x0.5 (1m³) 2x1x1 (2m³)
    3x1x0.5 (1.5m³) 3x1x1 (3m³)
    4x1x0.5 (2m³) 4x1x1 (4m³)
    1.5x1x1 (1.5m³) 2×0.5×0.5 (0.5m³)

River Mattresses

Manufactured only using Hexagonal Wovenmesh type for flexibility

  • Hexagonal Wovenmesh 
    Class A Galvanized or with an additional 0.50mm thickness PVC coating, mesh aperture 60 x 80mm, mesh wire diameter of 2.20mm and salvage wire diameter of  3.4mm. We do not feel the rigid weldmesh is suitable for this purpose where a more flexible product is required.
  • Alternative
    Another option available in the 80 x 100mm mesh aperture, with 2.7mm diameter wire and 3.4mm salvage wire, for more aggressive / corrosive environments.
  • Standard Sizes 
    Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) = Volume (m³) 
    or Length x Width = Plan Area (m2)  

    2x1x0.3 (0.6m³) 6x2x0.17 (2.04m³)
    3x1x0.3 (0.9m³) 6x2x0.23 (2.76m³)
    4x1x0.3 (1.2m³) 6x2x0.30 (3.60m³)

Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses Features

  • High Strength 
    The use of unweathered within the gabion provide high compressive strength.
  • Enhanced Flexibility
    Woven steel wire mesh is used for the baskets, allowing movement over expansive soils without failure.
  • Low Environmental Impact 
    Vegetation can be incorporated into the gabion system to cover the gabion or mattress protection in a short time.
  • Creates Employment Opportunities 
    Gabions require a lot of manpower, with little use of machinery required. Unskilled labor from local communities can be used and trained in a short time period.
  • High Porosity 
    Unlike concrete, gabions don’t require weep-holes for water pressure release behind the retaining walls. They have a 35% pore space volume, allowing free movement of water through the walls, and soil fines movement are blocked with a geotextile filter fabric.
  • Simple 
    Local labor is used to erect baskets and can be onsite in a short period of time.
  • Economical 
    Suitable rock infill and the use of local labor can be sourced from quarries and communities near the site.
  • Durable 
    Vegetative root growth will enhance the strength of the structure by binding the rocks together and stabilizing it with soil infill in streams.
  • Bomb and Earthquake Proof 
    Gabion structures can provide protection for bomb shelters and earthquakes, especially when filled with rock and soil due to its high flexibility and strength properties.
  • Mattress Linings 
    Offer vegetation growth and the benefit of microorganisms within the structure to provide food for insects, fish and animals in river situations, unlike the environment created using a solid or segmented concrete lining with little environmental benefits.

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    What can Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses be used for?

    Gabions have been around for over a hundred years and have a wide range of applications and new ones are continually being found. We have listed below the most common applications to date, manufactured using either woven doubletwisted or welded square mesh.

    • Mine – Primary Crush Tip Walls
    • River Diversion Structures
    • Rockfall Mesh Netting
    • Hydrochambers (Water Storage)
    • Biofilters (Sewage Plants)
    • Longitudinal River Structures
    • Low-Level and Irish Crossings
    • Roadway Culvert In and Outlet Structures
    • Dam Embankment Protection
    • Gabion Weirs
    • Gabion Ornaments
    • Gabion Stepped Spillway
    • River Training Structures
    • Channel Lining
    • Terrace Walls
    • Reinforced Soil Walls
    • Skin – Revetment Walls
    • Mass – Gravity Retaining Walls
    • Hiking Trail Steps
    • Architectural Applications
    • Wall Cladding
    • Boundary Walls
    • Gabion Furniture
    • Bridge Abutment Protection
    • Sound Barriers
    • Gabion Bars for Pubs
    • Fish Farms
    • Gabion Sign Supports

    See Gabions and River or Reno Mattresses in Action

    Gabion and River Mattress Video Gallery

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