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Hexagonal Wovenmesh

Manufactured in South Africa, wovenmesh options of 80x100x2.70mm, and 60x80x2.20mm aperture. With salvage wire of 3.40mm diameter, supplied with 2.20mm binding wire. We supply these materials in standard sized Gabion boxes or mesh rolls. Class A Galvanised, Galfan or with Grey PVC coating.

Why you need Hexagonal Wovenmesh…

  • Flexible high strength mesh for use in Gabions
  • Mesh is made with double twist for strength and cannot easily unravel if wire is cut 
  • Hexagonal wovenmesh is made to withstand very high compressive loads from above in large retaining walls and fast flowing water velocities in river situations
  • Wire is Class A Galvanised or PVC coated to prevent mesh corrosion on site
  • Wovenmesh is strong and can be used for high strength requirements like rock netting fall protection
  • Wovenmesh is high strength but still flexible enough over poor underlying soil profiles

Hexagonal woven mesh is the perfect product for rockfall mesh netting and to cover large areas of river mattresses quickly. The mesh is of high strength and made of durable flexible material. Two mesh type options are available, either Class A Galvanised or together with a PVC extruded wire coating. The mesh aperture size is either 60×80 or 80x100mm hexagonal mesh type with either 2.20 or 2.70mm mesh wire and 3.4mm diameter salvage wire along the mesh roll edging. We normally also provide the 2.2mm binding wire for lacing rolls together along the common edge. These mesh rolls have a high tensile strength and can also be provided with steel dowels as required for anchorage into slopes.

Mesh rolls can be effectively used to prevent rockfalls on steep rock slopes, with mesh attached securely to the rock face, you can also use mesh rolls to cover large areas of mattresses. Often mattress lids get in the way during installations, we recommend leaving them out of the way, covering them when the infill and packing is complete.

Roll sizes available – 2metres wide x 50m long (100m2) or 2 x 100

Verulum Case Study

The Class A Galvanised hexagonal woven mesh shown was supplied to a contractor in Durban called Gralio construction and use by the civil engineering consultant Moore Spence Jones to improve the bearing pressure of the imported layerworks below the new distribution centre for Checkers in Verulam. The quality of the imported soils from a nearby borrow pit did not meet the required layerwork specification entirely and so it was decided to improve the layerworks horizontal shear resistance by adding two layers of mesh. Our prices were attractive and so we supplied 200rolls of 50x2m mesh for this purpose, which were layer on top of a roadmesh, supplied by others (hexagonal mesh with transverse wire rods at alternative mesh apertures, to improve the strength in both directions uniformly.) For more information of this interesting project please contact us for any further information you may require.

Technical Documents

Hexagonal Wovenmesh Features

  • High strength
  • Flexible nature
  • Monolithic nature
  • Galvanised or Galfanised and PVC coated
  • Supplied in Gabion and Mattress standard sizes or mesh rolls
  • Mesh allows for rock beauty to be easily shown

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    What can Hexagonal Wovenmesh be used for?

    • Soil embankment horizontal mesh
      Reinforcing can be used to increase the soils lateral tensile strength parameters.
    • Architectural baskets and walls
      Require a curved or circular structure where the square gabion box will not work.
    • Rockfall mesh netting
      for eroding mountain rock slopes and where the possibility of rock fall exists.
    • Mattress lids over large areas of installation.

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