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Impermeable Liners

Impermeable liners are used for gabion walls needing to be impervious to water, or slow down the movement of water flow through the structure.

Why you need Impermeable Liners…

  • Prevent water draining through a gabion wall.
  • Keep the area behind a gabion wall dry next to a river course.
  • Prevent water flow through and stop soil erosion alongside and around a gabion weir structure.
  • Liners prevent geotextiles clogging and stop lateral water flows though a gabion structure.

Save time and money by making your gabion installations impermeable to water. Impermeable liners are membranes which can be used to make gabions impermeable to water at low cost, normally used alongside a geotextile fabric placed against the soil for protection when placed alongside the gabion structure.

Impermeable liners are used in dams and waterways to prevent the passage of loss of valuable water, we often advise the use of a membrane to reduce water flows in hydraulic structures. The limiting of water movement through structures will reduce the possibility of later piping and embankment failure in earth dams for instance.

Impermeable Liners Features

  • Impermeable to water flows.
  • High strength and laid quickly against a gabion structure.
  • Supplied in rolls, with small volume for transport.
  • Special soil backfill not needed, no need for adding and mixing additives to make soil impervious.

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    What can Impermeable Liners be used for?

    • Gabion wall structures to prevent the passage of water.
    • Used to reduce water velocities and stop soil erosion around gabion water structures.
    • Great for keeping the soil dry alongside a gabion wall structure.
    • Contain water upstream of a gabion transverse structure or weir.

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