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We supplied the first gabions and mattresses to a site near Delmas in Mpumalanga recently for a series of gabion weirs to be built along a river diversion channel. The average width was 5-10m and height to top of the berm was 4.8m.

The weirs controlled the flow of water in the channel to reduced water velocities.

Gabion Baskets assisted the design engineer with a detail for the gabion weirs and mattresses to be installed during late 2007.

The contractor AWA Shabugwane Construction is almost complete with the works now, the channel was a length of 11km and was to control the water flow, as a new mine technique had been adopted to mine the coal underground and once complete to implode the tunnels and have the roof fall in to close the mine.

This could have caused water flow problems in the valley, thus the reason that the water diversion channel was constructed.

Many gabion weirs have been installed and many more are still to be completed, the works are to be completed by the end of June.

All rock and labour was sourced locally and great gabion structures became a reality.

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