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Mining Tip Walls

Mines have lots of rock, with a Gabion solution your retaining wall will be very quickly constructed and economical when compared to mass concrete structures.

This application is often used in mining environments where a primary tip wall is needed next to a crusher plant, for retaining the soil alongside the crusher machine. This wall would then support the tipping platform for the large dump trucks tipping the rock into the crusher from that height.

We have been involved in many Tip Walls in the Congo, Mozambique and Ghana for the likes of Senet Projects. In mines with the local supply of rock being a given the cost of a gabion structure can be one of the most economical structures to install.

The wall can be constructed using a mass – gravity Gabion wall or the reinforced soil wall referred to as a Gab – Tail wall. Some photo’s and typical sections are shown below for your interest, kindly contact us for further information, we look forward to hearing from you.

See Mining Tip Walls in Action