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A quick summary of our Products offered.

Gabion Consulting

Our professional technical consultants are available to advise you on the best product range and purchases with installation methods and advice to follow.

Practical Gabion Site Training

Gabion Baskets offer practical training to personnel on site to help local, possibly unskilled communities participate in infrastructure development projects.

Technical Presentations

Gabion Baskets offers technical presentations at your office to update your technical team on the detailed design or practical on-site characteristics of our products for the correct management of gabion related installations.

Gabion Structure Design

Experience peace of mind with professionally designed gabion structures as part of our quotation process.

Gabion Installation Quotes

Take advantage of the Gabion Basket turnkey installation service. We provide the full advisory, design, product range required and  installation services using our experienced installation contractors offering you peace of mind

Gabion Photo Album

View our photo gallery to get a better idea of what we do!

Gabion Models

We have found the use of miniature gabion and mattress models to be an excellent way of showing the use of our products.

Gabion Wire and Mesh

We have always been asked the question of how long does a gabion basket last, it’s an interesting question and an important one as we don’t want to be making promises that are not based on facts.