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Gabion Failures

Building the right foundation for gabions is essential. Poor design is the starting point for a potential gabion failure. However, even the best design can fail if the correct bracing, lacing, and packing techniques are not applied. The classic gabion contains around 35% voids and is intentionally meant to provide a greater or lesser degree of permeability. Understanding and executing the design brief is therefore essential.

Adherence to material qualities is equally important. SANS 1580: 2010 sets the standard locally and globally for the correct manufacturing specification for hexagonal steel wire mesh gabions and revet mattresses. In turn, SANS 1200 DK:1996 governs the correct installation techniques for gabion systems.

Retaining Blocks

It is incredibly important to note that retaining blocks also need to be designed correctly.  They cannot simply be laid in position.  Retaining blocks only use a frictional interlock system which is a rigid system,  so if one block moves the whole wall fails.