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Gabion Installation Training

Full on site practical training is necessary to make the installation work easier for the labor installing and people monitoring the works.

We offer practical training to personnel on site to help local, skilled or unskilled communities participate in infrastructure development projects, even when experienced construction skills are not available nearby. We empower the local community with practical on-site Gabion construction skills, thus helping achieve higher production rates with better quality workmanship on gabion installations. We advise the minimum training period of 1 week or 5 working days, a toolset is also available for installing Gabions.

As with any construction work, quality design and materials should be used with the correct control and management, however we often find that the worker knowledge and experience is often not considered leading to poor quality installations and even failures on sites. We always recommend the use of people having the relevant experience in Gabion erection and packing, on site training is vitally important to ensure that site workers have the necessary skills to perform work well and to a high standard. We are on standby to ensure you have good site trainers who can perform this task at short notice, please contact us for further information and pricing. 

Gabion Baskets have teamed up with Tjeka Training to assist with on site Accredited Gabion Installation product training.

Please see below link to their website and kindly contact us for more info in this regard.

Certificate of Completion

Technical Documents

See Gabion Site Installation Training in Action

Give back to the community by utilising the local talent to perform great gabion structure installations.