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A quick summary of our Products offered.

Hexagonal Wovenmesh

Hexagonal wovenmesh is the perfect product for rockfall netting and to cover large areas of river mattresses quickly. The mesh is of high strength and made of durable material. Two options are available, either Class A Galvanised or with PVC coating.

Gabions and River Mattresses

Gabions are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles. Gabions and geotextiles are normally used together to reduce water velocities and re-capture river bed sediment in streams.

Square Weldmesh 

We offer solutions and expert advice on the installation of baskets for freestanding Gabion walls and Gabion wall cladding applications within the Architectural, domestic market. Fully made up Gabion baskets or mesh rolls are offered for more flexible use on building or civil engineering construction sites.

The Sausage Gabion

The sausage gabion is manufactured from a hexagonal woven mesh panel, made out of Gabion mesh 80 x 100 x 2.7mm and rolled into a sausage on site and filled with rock to 75% fill capacity and laced together with the 2.20mm Binding wire.

Gab – Tail System

The Gab – Tail is a reinforced soil system, with gabion unit facing, together with an extended hexagonal woven mesh tail, which extends back into the soil . Generally, when your gabion structure is higher than 4 meters and built in a fill(backfill) situation, the reinforced Gabion soil system becomes more economical and faster to install.

Gab-Bloc System

This is a mini gabion to reduce the amount of infill or rock required for smaller walls, where the retaining of an embankment is desired using a smaller gabion system, and at the same time providing all those benefits and finished appearance a gabion wall structure provides.

Gabion Rock

Quality gabion baskets require quality rock infill. We can offer suitable rock supply depending on the site for Gabion installation, often the rock supplier does not have rock stockpiled and we do try to provide the necessary information for obtaining the material.

Gabion Tool Sets

Enjoy efficiently neat installations of your gabion materials with our advanced tool sets. These tools have been specifically chosen to ensure the shortest possible installation time. These tools also ensure that the quality of the installation is of the highest standard.


Protect the integrity of your gabion basket installation with high quality geotextiles behind and below the structures against the soil. We supply only the highest quality non-woven or woven geotextile for gabion installations and other applications.

Biodegradable soil blankets

Promote vegetation growth combined with your gabion structure, and help retain the important top soil with our bio-degradable soil blankets and Coir logs. This range of products is of utmost importance in protecting the earth against soil erosion.

Soil Bioengineering

Promote vegetation growth and help retain important top soil with our biodegradable soil blanket and Coir logs. This range of products is important in protecting the earth against soil erosion. Their purpose is to keep the soil moist and cool during the initial growing phase of the plant and to encourage vegetation growth before the soil is transported.

Impermeable liners

Save time and money by making your gabion installations impermeable to water. Impermeable liners are membranes which can be used to make gabions impermeable to water at low cost, normally used alongside a geotextile fabric placed against the soil for protection when placed alongside the gabion structure.

The Garden Gabion

All Gabion mesh is Class A Galvanised mild tensile steel, to provide flexibility, and supplied packed flat for erection and filling on site. The small Gabion can be filled with glass bottles, rock, timber logs, building rubble, roof tiles or whatever you have available or would like to decorate the basket with, including filling with locally available topsoil.