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Gab-Bloc Gabion

Only need a small retaining wall up to 1.5m height ? Why not use local rock with our small 300 x 300mm cross section Gab-Bloc Gabion. Assembled quickly, small site footprint, environmentally friendly and economical, available in lengths of 1m and 2m.

Why you need Gab-Bloc Gabion…

  •  Assemble quickly and easily.
  •  Use locally available rock or building rubble.
  •  Ideally suited to small DIY jobs at the office or home.
  •   Grow locally available vegetation through or over the baskets.
  •  Small volume of rock infill required when compared to standard sized baskets.
  •  Smaller baskets are easier to transport and erect on site.

We have reintroduced the mini gabion, refered to as a wire mesh Gab – Bloc. A mini gabion to reduce the amount of infill/rock required for the basket in smaller wall applications, where the retaining of an embankment is desired using a smaller gabion system. Providing all those benefits and finished appearance aspects a conventional gabion wall structure provides.

Sizes available – 1 x 0.3 x 0.3 and 2 x 0.3 x 0.3, with a diaphram compartment spacer at 1m intervals.

The basket is manufactured and available in square welded or hexagonal woven mesh finish. We recommend their use where not much rock or expensive rock is only available near site. Thus providing the need to reduce the rock quantity required to fill the basket. Kindly contact us for further information regarding this tried and proven method. Firstly developed in 2004. We have many examples shown below where it has been successfully used in both Botswana and South Africa. These can indeed be filled with a range of infill materials including;- rock, blasted or insitu, building rubble, or a mixture thereof, by providing a geotextile insert into the basket it can then also be filled with insitu soil to encourage vegetation growth.

Gab-Bloc Gabion Features

  • Cheaper than a convention gabion or concrete wall.
  • Much less rock required
  • Much less labour required, i.e. faster installation time.
  • Smaller baskets, less effort and can be filled with a wide range of infill materials.

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    Gab-Bloc Gabion uses ?

    • Revetment walls instead of heavy expensive concrete blocks.
    • Gabion walls below 1.5m height.
    •  Small garden separation walls.
    • Ideal for DIY for domestic home use.
    • Feature Walls.
    • Garden steps and features.

    Gab-Bloc Gabion in Action


    Gab-Bloc Drawings

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