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Reinventing Stormwater Drainage at Wedgewood Complex, Kloof with Gabion Baskets

Reinventing Stormwater Drainage at Wedgewood Complex, Kloof with Gabion Baskets

Wedgewood Complex in Kloof, KZN, faced significant challenges with its stormwater drainage system.

The Gabion Baskets team was brought in by the homeowners association to evaluate and revamp a reno mattress channel that had been catering to not only the complex but also runoff from the adjacent road.


Upon visiting the site, our project manager observed that the existing mattresses were galvanized and had been in place for approximately ten years. The mattresses exhibited signs of rust, and rocks were beginning to wash out from them.


We proposed a more extensive mattress channel to distribute water more evenly and recommended the use of PVC-coated mattresses to enhance the lifespan of the installation.

Implementation and Results:

Although the initial installation was relatively small, it prioritized the section closest to the houses along the channel. This proved to be highly effective, particularly after the heavy rains experienced on June 27, 2023. We are optimistic about receiving approval to extend the current channel. The materials used were Class A Galvanized with a PVC Coating, measuring 4 x 1 x 0.3 river mattresses. (See the attached design for details).


The Gabion Baskets KZN team’s involvement at Wedgewood Complex exemplifies our expertise in modernizing and enhancing critical infrastructure. Through our innovative approach, we were able to significantly improve the stormwater drainage system, which is crucial for protecting properties from water damage.

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