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Gabion Soil Bioengineering

We offer solutions for incorporating locally available rock and vegetation to grow over and through the gabion structures. Having low environmental impact.

Promote vegetation growth and help retain important top soil with our bio-degradable soil blanket and Coir logs. This range of products is important in protecting the earth against soil erosion.

Their purpose is to keep the soil moist and cool during the initial growing phase of the plant and to encourage vegetation growth before the soil is transported. A wide range of Bio-engineering solutions is available internationally. We have attached some information below regarding this interest application. Both our woven and non-woven soil blankets are eco-friendly and degrade into the soil over time, providing nitrogen for the soil during the initial growth phase.

Go green with our bio-degradable soil blankets by ordering yours today. Start greening your gabion installations and use natural plant material to prevent soil erosion and enhance slope stability.

Applications: Greening of our structures is easily done using locally available plants.

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