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Silverstar Casino Retaining Wall Project: A Triumph of Gabion Engineering

Silverstar Casino Retaining Wall Project: A Triumph of Gabion Engineering

Gabion Baskets is proud to announce the successful completion of a challenging two-month project at Silverstar Casino. This venture saw our dedicated team of 15 to 20 local staff members working tirelessly to overcome significant obstacles and create a remarkable retaining wall. As we look back on this project, which started in early October and concluded in December, we reflect on the challenges we faced and the triumphs we achieved.

A Steady Foundation:

The heart of this project lay in the creation of a strong foundation. Our task was to replace a failed concrete block retaining wall, standing nine meters high and spanning approximately 40 meters in length. To ensure the stability of this new retaining wall, we began by excavating into the bank, creating a foundation that was three to four meters wide. This base was constructed with meticulous precision, stepping back half a meter for every meter in height.

The Gabion Process:

Starting from the existing gabion wall on the right-hand side, we gradually excavated further into the ground, pushing through and creating a sturdy gabion foundation. Our approach involved laying geotextile below and behind the baskets. We would then fill, pack, and compact the soil behind the baskets, stepping up and repeating this process all the way to the top.

Overcoming Challenges:

One of the significant challenges we encountered during this project was the need to move between 300 to 500 cubic meters of fill, equivalent to around 600 to 800 tons of material. This extensive task impacted our timeline, pushing us slightly beyond our anticipated completion date. The fill served multiple purposes, including backfilling behind the baskets and creating ramps to allow our machinery to access the gabions for filling and compacting.

Triumphant Conclusion:

As we wrap up this project at Silverstar Casino, we can proudly say that our team’s dedication and expertise have resulted in a remarkable retaining wall. Despite the challenges, we persevered, ensuring that our work met the highest standards of quality and stability. We are confident that this retaining wall will serve its purpose effectively and securely for years to come.

At Gabion Baskets, we continue to take on challenging projects like this, pushing the boundaries of gabion engineering. Stay tuned for more updates on our projects and endeavors.

24 November 2023 – We’re back with an exciting update on the Silverstar Casino redevelopment project! As of today, November 24, 2023, we’ve reached significant milestones, and we’re eager to share our progress.

Clinton Cheyne, Operations Manager for Gabion Baskets, recently visited the site to assess the ongoing work. Here’s a summary of his update:

  • We are on track to complete the project by next Friday, with only a few finishing touches left.
  • Currently, we’ve finished approximately 80% to 90% of the gabions, demonstrating our team’s exceptional efficiency.
  • There are about 80 to 100 gabion cubes of packing remaining.
  • Our workforce of between 20 and 30 men is consistently packing between 15 to 30 gabion cubes daily, a remarkable achievement.
  • Despite a minor setback in the form of an embankment failure, we addressed the issue promptly, ensuring that the project remains on schedule.


We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the final result soon. Stay tuned for more updates as we near the completion of this exciting transformation at Silverstar Casino.

26 October 2023 – The Silverstar Casino redevelopment is in full swing, and our team has been putting in tremendous effort to bring this vision to life. With 20 dedicated individuals on site, we’re making waves as we move an impressive 30 tons of rock daily. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence.

As we near the halfway mark of this project, we’re thrilled with the progress we’ve achieved. Each day brings us closer to our goal, transforming this space into something truly remarkable.

However, every journey has its challenges, and we recently encountered one. Last night, an embankment failure occurred, sending ripples of concern through the team. But here’s where teamwork, dedication, and a bit of luck come into play. Thankfully, no one was on site during this incident, and that made all the difference.

Our team rallied this morning, addressing the issue head-on. We’re grateful to report that the situation is under control, and we’re back on track with renewed determination.

Challenges may arise, but they only serve to strengthen our resolve. The Silverstar Casino redevelopment remains an exciting testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. We’re on track to complete this project by the end of November, and we can’t wait to unveil the final result.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this incredible journey of transformation and renewal at Silverstar Casino. Together, we’re shaping the future.

6 October 2023 – We’re back with exciting news from the Silverstar Casino development site! One week into the project, and we’re making tremendous progress. Our excavations are well underway, and we’re gearing up to start constructing our gabion baskets. However, during our site inspection today, we made an interesting discovery.

We noticed a significant crack in the ground, right above the area where we had originally planned to build our gabion retaining walls. Being the meticulous team that we are, we’ve decided to adapt our strategy. Instead of proceeding as initially planned, we’ll be excavating up to this crack to commence our retaining wall construction from there.

Adaptability is key in every project, and our team is ready to tackle this challenge head-on. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to transform Silverstar Casino with our innovative gabion solutions!

Hey there, fellow landscape enthusiasts! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp, you’ll know it’s a hub of entertainment.

But did you know it’s also the canvas for our latest project? We’re crafting something truly special there – a gabion retaining wall that’s set to reshape the scenery.

Silverstar Casino: Where Entertainment Meets Adventure

Silverstar Casino snuggled beneath the majestic Magalies Mountains, has always been a hub for all things entertainment. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Silverstar caters to your whims. The casino buzzes from Sunday to Thursday until 3am and goes 24/7 on weekends.

You can try your luck at the casino, catch a live show at The Barnyard Theatre, watch sports on a colossal outdoor screen at The Square, enjoy the latest blockbusters at movies@ Silverstar, or compete in friendly activities like ten-pin bowling, Laser Tag, and arcade games at The Magic Company. And for a little rest and relaxation, the Silverstar Hotel and Soulstice Day Spa offer a perfect escape.

Our Role at Silverstar Casino: A Project of Transformation

Now, let’s talk about the real star of the show – us, Gabion Baskets. We’re renowned for our eco-friendly and creative landscaping solutions. Our latest adventure?

A gig at Silverstar Casino, where we’re swapping out a not-so-happy concrete block retaining wall for a striking gabion retaining wall.

The Nitty Gritty

Our Kickoff Date: We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on 2 October , 2023.

Our Timeline: We’re aiming to put the finishing touches on this project in about two and a half months.

Our Materials: We’re going all-in with 900 cubic metres of gabions.

Wall Heights: Our gabion retaining wall will range from a modest 4 metres to a towering 9 metres.

Digging In: We got the groundwork underway on 3 October.

Our Work Pace: We’ve set our sights high, planning to crank out 20 to 30 gabion cubes each day.

Why Gabion Baskets Over Concrete Blocks?

Choosing gabion baskets over concrete blocks for this project is a significant move. While concrete blocks have their moments, they can falter when the going gets tough. Here’s why gabion baskets make sense:

  • Flexibility: Gabion baskets flex with the terrain, making them a go-to choice for different landscapes.

  • Durability: These baskets are built tough, handling even the harshest weather conditions with a smile.

  • Looks Matter: Gabion structures bring an artistic flair to the table, offering endless landscaping possibilities.

  • Ease of Build: Gabion walls often outpace traditional methods when it comes to construction speed.

Keep an eye on Silverstar Casino as it undergoes a stunning makeover. It’s a testament to the magic of gabion structures in exterior design, and it’s a sight you won’t want to miss!

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