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Gabion Baskets newsletter | May 2023

Private Homeowner, Mr. Johan Marshall enlisted the services of Gabion Baskets to construct a wall surrounding his new residence in Kloof, Kwazulu Natal. This wall, designed in an L-shape, serves the dual purpose of retaining the land and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the property.

We provided the client and their nominated engineer with assistance by preparing a design proposal which was duly approved. The walls have a length of 21m and 16m, with varying heights ranging from 1.5 meters up to 3 meters. Additionally, a 6-degree batter has been incorporated against the embankment. 

The ground on which the walls were being built is relatively hard sandstone. To facilitate the major excavations, the team employed a bobcat.  However, the final precision excavations were carried out manually, ensuring that the measurements were meticulously achieved. 

The foundation consists of class A galvanised mattresses measuring 2 x 1 x 0.3, while the sides facing the back and all around are filled with brown rock. For the main structure, we utilized class A galvanised gabions in sizes 4x1x1, 3x1x1, and 1.5x1x0.5, complemented by F34/A4 geotextile.

The project started on April the 17th and with a few minor challenges we were faced with such as delays at the quarry for collection of the brown rock and weather delays, the project is expected to be completed end May.


It's not just blocks

Constructing a gabion basket wall involves more than simply placing rocks into a well-meshed basket. Each project necessitates thorough site inspections, expert recommendations, and comprehensive design work before any further steps can be taken.
A typical Gabion Basket wall design snapshot.  

Below is the design work for the stabilisation of existing wall.


Finding Solutions when budgets are limited

We were approached by the owner of the house at number Bedford Rd Cowies Hill to inspect a Gabion Wall which was installed last year September by a different contractor and was already failing, upon initial inspection it was noted that the materials used were substandard and also the design was a revetment wall and not a mass gravity wall.

We initially recommended replacing the entire wall with a mass gravity wall instead of the revetment wall that was installed by the contractor. Our concern was that the gabion’s base might slide, which was causing issues at the top of the embankment as well.

Due to budgetary constraints the client could not replace the whole structure, we then put heads together to see how we could assist and decided to secure the toe of the gabion by digging down 1m Infront of it, placing Y20 rebar through the first gabion going 1m into the ground in 1m intervals and then packing the baskets which were 2 layers of 4 x 0.5 x 0.5 Class A galvanised baskets and then repairing the top section.

Rather than a conventional solution, our approach has become a blueprint for tackling similar issues in the future. Following heavy rainfall we were able to verify that our proposed design is fulfilling its intended purpose. The photo below clearly demonstrates that the structure is robust and resilient.

We started on this site March 06 2023 and completed 31st March 2023, we have since been back to site three times after heavy rains experienced to make sure the wall is still intact.

The above scenario indicates the importance of a proper design, a professional solution using correctly manufactured materials and a professional installation team.

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