Herewith more photo’s showing the installation of the mattress apron below the gabion structure on a layer of geotextile. On-site training for installation is taking place with our gabion toolkits showing the correct rock size and quality to be used and the correct lacing together of adjoining mattress units, using the Binding wire supplied with the materials. These units are laced together using the preferred lacing technique along all common joins so that the structure become one integrated monolithic wall.

To counter all future loads imposed on it in the long term. Base baskets and mattresses are all Class A Galvanised and PVC coated to prevent long term corrosion of steel wire along the water’s edge. Higher basket layers do not require this due to infrequent flooding to this level. Already they are achieving 30m3/day using 30 people on site, indicating production rates of 1man/m3/day, for the erection of the basket, including , bracing, lacing and packing.

The rain has already started in Johannesburg this last weekend, which fills the Orange river upstream, so they are trying to complete the structure foundation layers before the water level in the river rises and makes it more difficult to acess the lower levels.