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Gabion Basket installations proceeding well – 20 Oct 2011

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More photo’s now taken as the project continues, we have received many more gabion inquiries from the Northern Cape area due to this project. As can be seen now they are achieving more than 30m3 per day, as they place and prepare a whole section of baskets first, before placing the rock into the baskets and tying them down the following day.

This allows for better production and neater looking gabions, often we find that contractors are erecting baskets and filling them individually before connecting to adjoin ones. This is a big problem as proper lacing and connecting of gabions together when already filled with rock is very slow and does not lead to neat looking gabions. We try to assist where we can but often find they labor thinks a basket is a bag to throw the rock into. It needs to be carefully placed to allow for less voids and a vertical neat front face.
This site is looking very good now and 50% of the wall is now already complete.

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