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Gabion Baskets newsletter | April 2022 | Latest Installations

Our latest installation:

An external freestanding wall of 2.7m high

A visual tour of the destruction of the recent flooding at sites where Gabion Baskets have visited to offer advise and urgent rectification estimates

Domestic Perimeter Walls

Solutions and advise is offered on the installation of baskets, using mesh panels for freestanding or Architectural gabion walls.

Sausage Gabions

Also referred to as a sack gabion, cylindrical shaped, filled to 75% capacity with rock, used in restricted areas or to act as foundation for gabion river structures. Also used quickly in emergency situations.

An example of Gabion Baskets being used at a water outlet at Thompsons Beach, Kwazulu Natal

River or Reno Mattresses

Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses, are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a large flat or sloped area in need of protection against soil loss or scour.