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Gabion Baskets newsletter | April 2023

Gabion baskets – Durable & Functional

Whether you’re building a retaining wall, creating an erosion control system, or constructing a striking landscape feature, Gabion Baskets offer a unique combination of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal that simply can’t be matched by other materials.

The Willowmore dam project is a stunning showcase of just how transformative gabion baskets can be in any environment. By constructing a 500x500mm Gabion wall around the edges of the dam, we were able to elevate the water level and create a striking visual feature that seamlessly blends in with the natural surroundings. But the benefits of this project go far beyond just aesthetics – the gabion wall also serves as a durable and effective erosion control system, protecting the dam and the surrounding landscape from the damaging effects of water and weather. By leveraging the strength and versatility of gabion baskets, we were able to achieve both form and function in equal measure, creating a project that is both beautiful and practical. It’s a testament to the incredible potential of gabion baskets, and a reminder of why they’re quickly becoming the material of choice for forward-thinking designers and builders everywhere.


What Goes into the costing of gabions

The cost of gabion construction can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size of the structure, the type of materials used, and the labour cost in the region where the structure is being built. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

Find Gabion Baskets at a Tradeshow Near You

This year, we’re taking the opportunity to exhibit at carefully selected trade shows, where we can provide our clients with an exclusive look at the many applications and benefits of gabion baskets. By doing so, we aim to demonstrate how easy and cost-effective it is to incorporate gabion baskets into a variety of projects, from erosion control and retaining walls to landscape design and more. Through these exhibitions, we hope to open up new avenues of conversation and collaboration with clients from different industries, while also spreading awareness about the unparalleled benefits of Gabion Baskets.

Pop in to our stands at the following tradeshows:
NAMPO – 16 – 19 May
Decorex, Cape Town 22 – 25 June
Home & Garden, Kwazulu Natal 1 – 9 July
Decorex, Johannesburg 3 – 6 August
IMIESA, Port Elizabeth 25 – 27 October


Gabion Baskets would like to inform our customers, that, effective immediately, Gabion Box,  Carl Gouws and David Baker-Effendi, based in Cape Town,  will no longer be acting as a representatives of Gabion Baskets.

You can rest assured however, that all your gabion basket needs will be well looked after by our competent management and sales team – Samantha Cheyne and Cornè Alberts.


Our 2023 team are on hand, at the end of the phone and ready to assist you in making sure you have a professional solution to your requirements, whether it be soil erosion, or a new fire pit. You can contact anyone of our sales and technical representatives in the regions below for more information on our full product range, supply, installation, and training.