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Made locally, supplied empty.

Why you need Sandbags…

  •  Divert flood waters.
  •  Soil erosion gullies.
  •  Use local sand or soil infill.
  •  Prevent flooding of your home.
  •  Fill Gabions with sand filled bags.
  •  Very economical.

Sandbags are an ideal solution when it comes to soil erosion protection, and diverting floodwaters away from sensitive installations or homes. Especially where there is a lack of rock for gabion installations, soil/sand filled bags can be stacked together quickly using locally available sand to protect your home or river bank in times of excessive flooding and thundershowers. Sandbags prevent flooding and soil erosion, due to one simple fact, that sand, stone and soil being heavier than water, are not easily washed away in times of river floods.
Sandbags for dykes and berms should only be filled half full, as overfilled bags are less effective, and they can then be stacked together to hold down the soil and divert lager water flows away from the home or installation, kindly contact for more information.

Gabion Sandbags

The 400 x 800mm bags we supply provide an economical alternative to reduce the volume of hand-packed stone required for Gabion installations. The bags are supplied empty and then filled with insitu soil, sealed, placed into the non-exposed section of the gabion and compacted. The military bags are supplied with a tie cable.

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Sandbags Features

  •  Regular size.
  •  Low cost.
  •  Quality materials.
  •  Used extensively worldwide.

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    What can Sandbags be used for?

    • Prevent flooding of installations and homes.
    • Sandbag berms for river or stream diversions.
    • Fill gabions with sandbags instead of rock.
    • Build sandbag bunkers for military.

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