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We’ve just completed a great looking gabion revetment wall in Pretoria for Steinmuller who do all the steel pipework for Eskom’s power plants to be re-commissioned in Mpumulanga soon.

The wall designed was to be a height of 6m with a length of 440m.

However, funds were short and eventually, after cost cutting exercises, the final wall was erected to a height of 5m by 105m long.

This work was undertaken by about 14 persons with a TLB to help load the rock quicker from stockpile directly into the baskets, achieving about 1.5 – 2.0m³ per man per day with machine help to lift the rock to the higher levels.

Normally, gabion works allow 1m³/man/day for installation purposes. A total quantity of 540m³ of gabion walling was installed on this site.

The wall base was founded to a depth of 0.5m passive toe resistance in front of the wall with a pathway in front of it.

The gabion facing was rotated into the embankment with a 4-degree batter slope to further enhance stability of the wall.

The walls base width was 1.5m for the first two gabion levels with subsequent layers of 1x1m.

We allowed for a 400mm horizontal step on each level at every metre change in height.

Gabion construction work was undertaken by the highly experienced team of Mr Reg Laskey from Littlecreek Civils, with Gabion Baskets assisting with the initial designs and price estimates and the final supply of gabion, geotextile and geogrid materials to site.

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